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Michael's Credentials

Michael Williams GG, JSG, AJP, CIA, CSM, CDG, MGGA

Graduate Gemologist (GG) Gemological Institute of America
Jewelry Sales Graduate (JSG) Gemological Institute of America
Accredited Jewelry Professional (AJP) Gemological Institute of America
Certified Insurance Appraiser (CIA) Jewelry Insurance Appraisal Institute
Certified Store Manager (CSM) Jewelers of America
Certified Diamond Grader (CDG) Independent Jewelers Organization
Master Graduate Gemologist Appraiser (MGGA)
Gemological Institute of America/Independent Jewelers Organization


Gemological Institute of America (GIA)
Independent Jewelers Organization Business College (IJO)
Jewelry Insurance Appraisal Institute (JIAI)
American Society Of Appraisers (ASA)
Jewelers of America (JA)


Member of GIA Alumni Association
Member of Jewelers of America
Member of Ohio Jewelers Association
Candidate Member of American Society of Appraisers
Member of National Association of Jewelry Appraisers
Member of Dayton Area Chamber of Commerce
Member of Independent Jewelers Organization


Diamonds (GIA)
Diamonds and Diamond Grading (GIA)
Colored Stones (GIA)
Colored Stones and Gem Identification (GIA)
Colored Stones, Gem Identification and Colored Stone Grading (GIA)
Selling Colored Gemstones (AGTA)
Pearls (GIA)
Pearls and Pearl Grading (GIA)
Pearls Graduate Course (GIA)
Opal Evaluation Course (NAJA)
Gold and Precious Metals (GIA)
Counter Sketching (GIA)
Jewelry Display (GIA)
Jewelry Sales (GIA)
Advanced Fine Jewelry Sales (GIA)
Fine Jewelry Consultant (GIA)
Diamond Essentials (GIA)
Colored Stone Essentials (GIA)
Jewelry Essentials (GIA)
J-BAR Jewelry Appraisal Basics (JVC)
Insurance Replacement Appraisal Course (GIA)
Personal Property Valuation Course PP/GJ201 (ASA)
Personal Property Valuation Course PP/GJ202 (ASA)
Personal Property Valuation Course PP/GJ203 (ASA)
Personal Property Valuation Course PP/GJ204 (ASA)
Personal Property Valuation Course PP/GJ206 (ASA)

Letters of Completion:

Advanced Gemology: Ruby (GIA)
Advanced Gemology: Sapphire (GIA)
Advanced Gemology: Emerald (GIA)
Advanced Diamond Grading Lab (GIA)
Detecting Synthetic Diamonds and Synthetic Moissonite (GIA)
GIA Identifying Challenging Synthetics Course (GIA)
GIA Detecting Synthetic Diamonds (GIA)
GIA Detecting Treated Gems (GIA)
GIA Penlight Techniques (GIA)
Loupe Grading Challenge (GIA)
Pearl Grading (GIA)
GIA Focus on Pearls (GIA)
4-hour Pearl Grading Seminar (GIA)
GIA Gems & Gemology Challenge 1996
GIA Gems & Gemology Challenge 1997
GIA Gems & Gemology Challenge 1998
GIA Gems & Gemology Challenge 1999
GIA Gems & Gemology Challenge 2000
GIA Gems & Gemology Challenge 2001
GIA Gems & Gemology Challenge 2002
GIA Gems & Gemology Challenge 2003
GIA Gems & Gemology Challenge 2004
GIA Gems & Gemology Challenge 2005
GIA Gems & Gemology Challenge 2006
GIA Gems & Gemology Challenge 2007
GIA Gems & Gemology Challenge 2008
GIA Gems & Gemology Challenge 2009
GIA Gems & Gemology Challenge 2010


National Recognition Award for Ultimate Gem & Jewelry Education
-awarded by the Independent Jewelers Organization 2007
National Recognition Award for Ultimate Gem & Jewelry Education
-awarded by the Independent Jewelers Organization 2010