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Sell Your Gold & Jewelry

We Buy Gold, Silver, Platinum and Diamonds
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We buy gold, silver, platinum as well as diamonds and other items of unwanted jewelry in any condition. It doesn’t matter if the pieces are broken, mismatched, out of style or completely destroyed; they’re worth cash at Michael’s Jewelry Center. Gold prices are at record highs and you will be surprised how much your old jewelry is worth. We will pay you in cash on the spot.

Any items you’re interested in selling can be brought into the store anytime during regular business hours. We cannot give you an offer over the phone. When you bring the items in you are looking to sell, we sort them by karat weight, weigh them, and determine how much we will pay you based on the current gold market spot price. Some items may need to be tested in order to determine their gold or silver metal content. Even if you are not sure what you have, bring it in and we will test it to see if it is real precious metal or not.

The evaluation and testing the metal content is done right in front of you and never leaves your sight. If you choose to just sell the metal and keep your gemstones we will be happy to remove and return them to you.

Tips on Selling Your Old Jewelry

Sell to a reputable long time established Jewelry Store. Don’t sell to hotel/motel dealers who come and go. Don’t mail your gold away and hope to get the best price. TV investigative reporters did a survey and found the payout for consumers was far less than reputable local Jewelry stores.

Recently, we sent a package into one of the Gold Buyers that advertise on TV and we pay almost 4 times what they are paying. The TV and hotel buyers pay 10’s of thousands of dollars in advertising and that money comes out of what should be paid to you.

Estate and Consignment Options

Your jewelry might be worth more than just its weight in gold. Some items might be worth more to sell in our Estate Jewelry Department. We can provide you with the highest return on these items by buying them or you can broker them to us to sell them for you on consignment.

We Buy Diamonds

We also buy loose or mounted diamonds. If you are interested in selling your diamond please come in and see Michael, the owner, and he’ll evaluate your diamond and make you an offer. We frequently make offers on diamonds where other jewelers will decline.