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Jewelry Insurance

jewelers-mutual-logo-mjc.jpgAfter you have selected a gorgeous piece of jewelry, your next decision should be how to insure it against  loss, damage, and theft. The Personal  Jewelry Insurance program from Jewelers Mutual Insurance Company offers comprehensive coverage at affordable prices!

Comprehensive protection for your scheduled jewelry

Jewelers Mutual's Personal Jewelry Insurance program provides protection for loss, theft, and damage. They even cover mysterious disappearance. Jewelers Mutual repairs or replaces your insured jewelry with like kind and quality. There is no deductible unless you choose one. In addition, jewelry losses with Jewelers Mutual won't affect your homeowner's insurance policy. 

Insuring your jewelry is easy

• 1. Visit the Jewelers Mutual website at PerfectCircleInsurance.com or stop by our store for a brochure and application.

• 2. The Ohio Gemological Laboratory, located on premises of Michael's Jewelry Center, can provide an insurance evaluation/appraisal that includes a detailed description of each item and the retail replacement value. The cost of insurance is based on the jewelry's retail replacement value and the state and county you live in.

• 3. Apply online at PerfectCircleInsurance.com or mail a completed and signed application to Jewelers Mutual with your payment.

• 4. Mail, fax, or e-mail Jewelers Mutual a copy of the insurance evaluation/appraisal. Coverage will begin on the date you submit your online application or on the postmark date stamped on the envelope if you mail your application.

If you have any questions about the insurance coverage or how to obtain Personal Jewelry Insurance, contact a customer service representative toll free at (888) 884-2424.